Here’s a brief outline of what’s planned for RISE Conference.
Times and specific sessions may be subject to change.


Adults and Youth
Upon arrival you will need to register for conference, providing your booking information to our registration team.

Registration opens at 6pm on Friday and again at 9am on Saturday.

Once registered you will receive your conference wristband and programme. This will allow you access to the building.

RISE Kids Fest registration opens at 9am on Saturday at the Kids Fest venue.


Friday June 28th

6.00pm Registration Opens
7.00pm Doors Open
7.30pm Session 1
9.30pm Evening Ends
9.45pm YA Collective

Saturday June 29th

8.15am Morning Prayer
9.00am Doors Open and Kids Registration
9.30am Session 2
11.00am Break
11.30am Session 3
1.00pm Lunch
2.30pm Session 4 (+ Youth Session)
3.30pm Afternoon Break (+ Youth Social)
5.30pm Doors Open
6.00pm Session 5
8.00pm Conference Closes

Parenting Room

For those of you with children aged 0-3, we don’t want you to miss out, so we’re making some great preparations for you.

Through all the conference sessions there will be a live video-feed in our upstairs Gallery Hall. There will also be snacks, toys and play areas for the children and drinks for parents, as well as private feeding areas.

Food and drink

During Rise Conference there will be food and drink available on site at Influence Church, as well as many more available in Richmond town centre, which is just a short walk away.

Throughout the conference breaks our café will be open, serving coffees, teas, as well as soft drinks and bottles of water.

Friday evening

During the Friday evening session there is no RISE Kids Fest programme for children. Mature children who are able to stay in the evening meetings under adult supervision are welcome. Parents please bring suitable books, iPads etc. if needed.