RISE Messages

If you missed a message or simply want to hear one again, below are the messages from RISE Conference.



  • Believe Again

    Believe Again

    Ps Ben Dowding brings a powerful message about believing again for all that God wants to do.

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  • Who Cares What You Think?

    Who Cares What You Think?

    Ps Jeronne Rudder brings an important message about not letting the opinions of others effect us.

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  • Just Do It

    Just Do It

    Ps Mark Varughese brings an insightful message about the convictions that undergird stepping into the plans and purposes God has for us.

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  • Go Again

    Go Again

    Ps Gale Dowding brings an inspirational message about learning to go again despite the circumstances.

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  • The Eternity Effect

    The Eternity Effect

    Ps Mark Varughese brings a powerful final message at Rise and looks at how living with an eternal perspective changes everything.

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