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A Month In Matthew
As I read through this chapter in preparation for this devotion, a number of things stood out, but for me, there is only one place I can land; The Great Commission. These are the final words Matthew leaves with us. The words of Jesus.

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“Life is about choices” is a phrase that is often heard in our house. It is not possible to go through life without sooner or later coming to an abrupt T-junction where we face competing options, which require a decision, and which often have far-reaching consequences. As we read Matthew 27 today, we observe a whole range of choices which require a decision by those involved. 
Do you remember how you felt on the day you received your last exam results? Elated? Disappointed Many of us know friends or family who have recently run the gauntlet of exam results day and received the outcomes that would direct their next steps.
I’m sure most of us like to know what is going to happen – where, when and how certain things will take place. Jesus’ disciples were no different – when they got Him to themselves, they had a few questions for Him. I would just like to share one or two challenges from His reply.
Jesus tells his disciples that He doesn’t want them to follow the example of the Pharisees. Why? Well the Pharisees did not practice what they preached. The Pharisees bound up people with many laws and wanted people to practice all of them, but these were laws they did not always follow themselves. Seems a bit one sided doesn’t it?
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